1. Introduction

1.1. What is W2E

Wellness Warehouse Engine (W2E), is a tool for collecting user’s wellness related data. Data can be related to activity, measurements or sleep.

1.2. Data sources

beddit  Beddit      fitbit  Fitbit      jawbone  Jawbone      moves  Moves      polar  Polar      runkeeper  Runkeeper      suunto  Suunto      withings  Withings

1.3. Activity data

  • Daily activity (e.g. steps, distance, calories)
  • exercise (e.g. running, cycling), may include gpx trail

Sources for activity data are:

1.4. Measurement data

  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Weight

Sources for measurements are:

Measurements can be for example: Heart rate, Blood pressure or weight.

1.5. Sleep data

Available parameters depend on the source service:

  • time to bed
  • minutes asleep
  • awakenings count
  • etc.

Sources for sleep data are:

1.6. Data sinks

All data accepted by the data sink is transfered if the user has linked the sink.

  • Taltioni - activity, exercise, heart rate, blood pressure, weight, sleep